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Reluctant Mother v The Car Seat

Summer is coming at us fast and furiously already:  Father’s Day fun,  local festivals and markets, lots of hiking in cool shady spots, a fish fry this evening,  a splendid day at the pool yesterday, Mac’s swim lessons start next weekend. . .I’m already screwing up the calendar!  We’re over extended next Saturday.  Ugh. Anyway, between cleaning up sand and
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I Seemed to Have Misplaced My “Give A Damn”

So the kid stuck it to me good yesterday. He was up early in the morning.  We hit the Park and we walked a lot.  So by the time we got home, he was pretty tired and testy.  While I was getting him some lunch, he asked for “cray” and “pay-per.” I am always happy to oblige when he asks
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Dear Congress, For the Sake of My Marriage, Get Your S%$^&*! Together!

My Husband works for the Government. I think?   I’m pretty sure? Whatever.  He goes somewhere for 9 hours a day and typically comes home every evening too tired to argue with me or paw all over me. IT’S HEAVEN!! I can’t imagine our marriage could even get any better! Marriage is very delicate you know.  Once you have a
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