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Kid’s Acrobatics Strikes Terror In The Heart of Reluctant Mother

Mac has been practicing all sorts of pint-sized acrobatics these days.  He can walk about six or seven steps completely unsupported.  He can stand and balance himself unassisted for longer and longer periods of time.  He’s able to go from a seated position to standing without needing to pull himself up on anything. Of course, I’m proud of him. .
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Stuff We Love: Safety First Appliance Latch

So by now you’ve all heard my constant whining about Mac’s fascination with the dishwasher. It was getting so bad, I was beginning to wonder if it was even healthy. He was full on obsessed. At first the fascination was kinda’ cute.  Oh, look how smart he is, he knows when the dishwasher is on.  Look, he’s reaching for the
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