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Time Out

Yesterday, was a little rough. Mac typically does really awesome on his walks and during time away from the house, but I’m finding his behavior at home is increasingly obnoxious. All I can figure is he’s bored at home.  We got him new and improved toys for his birthday.   And I try to think up fun little things to
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And Now We Are Two. . .So You Can Go To Hell!

I thought I was ready. . .I honestly did. Because of my own notoriously difficult behavior as a baby. . .and kid. . .and adult, I assumed I would be creating another ridiculously head-strong, stubborn, sleepless little person. But instead, what I got was a generally happy, good-sleeping, mostly compliant little guy. The next one is going to kill us
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I Seemed to Have Misplaced My “Give A Damn”

So the kid stuck it to me good yesterday. He was up early in the morning.  We hit the Park and we walked a lot.  So by the time we got home, he was pretty tired and testy.  While I was getting him some lunch, he asked for “cray” and “pay-per.” I am always happy to oblige when he asks
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