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Time Out

Yesterday, was a little rough. Mac typically does really awesome on his walks and during time away from the house, but I’m finding his behavior at home is increasingly obnoxious. All I can figure is he’s bored at home.  We got him new and improved toys for his birthday.   And I try to think up fun little things to
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My Secret Parenting Shame

Every woman who has EVER had the pleasure of the plague that is pregnancy has propped herself uncomfortably in her 25-pillow nest on the bed and dreamt of the control she will regain when that little bundle of joy is finally evicted. I won’t let my child eat things off the floor. I won’t let my child sit in a
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The Hot Mess Mom At The Park

Friday evening, Mac and I walked to the Park.  It’s getting darker earlier and I wanted to get some birding in before the light became poor.  We covered much of the park and returned to the Boat Lake to feed the ducks.  (Because I have apparently created a little quacking mallard loving monster). As we approached the Lake from a
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