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The Pregnant and Delusional Reluctant Mother: 20-Year War v Chaos

Nope.  Not pregnant. . .Just the title of certain posts I do when I look back on all the crap I was delusional about when I was pregnant. I’m feeling a little bleh today.  I probably just haven’t swilled enough coffee or something.  I feel like I could happily sped a large chunk of the morning in bed. Of course,
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Muthaeffing Fingerprint: A Story About A Not So Brilliant Finish

Every time I turn around, I find cruddy little fingerprints and smudges on every surface.  EVERY SURFACE!!!!! At first they were so teensy and cute, I’d sigh wistfully at the nearly perfect little specimens on the front of the dishwasher and think, “Self, it’s nearly a shame to wipe these away, someday you’ll barely remember how darling Mac’s little hands
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