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Jekyll & Hyde

This kid has everyone fooled. He’s Jekyll and Hyde.  I swear. People stare at me in disbelief when I tell them he’s going through a rough stage.  “Oh he looks like the Gerber Baby.”  “He’s sooooo happy.”  “He has the nicest disposition.” Yeah. . .That’s why my Husband and I were tempted to pound Scotch at a children’s birthday party
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Is “No Cry” Making Baby Spoiled and Mommy Nuts?

I just want to finish folding the gawddamned laundry already! Or my dinner.  Or a thought. Our son is about 13 weeks old. Generally he’s quiet and cuddly and mild-mannered – a fair-haired, chubby, smiley little prince. With every generalization there are exceptions. . .And when he’s behaving exceptionally, things in this joint can deteriorate into a shit show rapidly.
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