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TRUTH: Sharing Sucks.

We survived our quick trip late last week.  A dinner and cake party with Mac’s Godparents and their children Saturday evening.  A picnic at Chris’ Parents’ last evening.  And today we’re off to the B&O Railroad Museum with the paternal Grandparents in honor of Mac’s birthday. Anyway, as you might imagine, it’s been extremely hectic around here. . . And
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What I Learned On My Summer “Vacation”

You know I did some (jokingly overly-dramatic and snarky. . .and some seriously sleep deprived honest) whining about this little family trip to Corolla, North Carolina last week. You didn’t know?  What?  All of cyberspace didn’t hear my bitching? Well, no worries.  Here’s a second chance. Except. . . I’m feeling uncharacteristically jolly about surviving the trip. . .So I’m not sure
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Stuff We Love: Cafeteria Trays

You know what I like?  Ok, you read this blog primarily to hear me rant about stuff I don’t like.  I get it.  Disenchantment and sarcasm follows, I swear. I like when my food looks nearly as great as it tastes.  I’m no culinary pro.  I am certainly not a self-proclaimed foodie.  However, I think we can all agree a
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