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Of SHIT, Preschoolers, and Electoral Politics

Weeewwww Nellieeeeeeee!!!! How about that election?  What a roller coaster! Anyone feel like somehow the great country of America just completely lost their shit? Understandable. But we haven’t lost our shit. That’s good and bad news. The shit is still here.  Lurking like a smuggled turd in my preschooler’s boxer briefs.  Lurking beneath the surface.  The proverbial shit is still
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Possibly the Grossest Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed. . .Twice.

This isn’t about my kid or what we did yesterday.  It’s a story from when I was younger. . .but I’m hoping you’ll read it anyway.  I promise it’s gross-funny. In December of 1992, I reached the magical age of 15.5 years, this was the age kids in my area could get a part-time job.  Despite my field hockey practices,
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