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Unmedicated Birth: I Wouldn’t Recommend It – Part I

This is the first installment of the story of Teddy’s arrival.  It’s probably going to be long.  And possibly gross.  So if you’re not into this sort of thing, you might want to check back another day. . . So if you recall, I was one week overdue.  Not completely miserable, but ready to evict the bouncing bundle of ahem
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I’m Not Raisin’ No Damned Play Doh Eating, Disrespectin’ Jerk

Except, it seems I am. I am having a difficult time controlling Mac. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of it as control, exactly?   Call it what you will, I fear he’s becoming a disrespectful little punk. It’s a phase right?  He’ll grow out of it? Except what if he doesn’t? I can’t chance it. We NEED an effective behavior
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