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Freaky or Just A Freak?

Have you ever had a series of events happen in close succession that make you feel odd? I’m not talking about having mashed banana wedged in your bra and then getting all sweaty while trying to wrestle your kid into his winter jacket. . . Something that seems perhaps meaningful or significant but you can’t quite connect all the dots?
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I’d Love to Know What the Hell is Wrong With My Mind

Jesus, at one point in my life, I simultaneously went to Law School, renovated a house and worked full-time. Now I’m just some pathetic slacker that stalks people on the Internet, birds in the park, and finds Cheerios stuck in her bra on a daily basis. What the hell happened?  It’s like I ate stupid for breakfast. . . Or
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I’m No Chicken!

We haven’t eaten meat in a LONG time. Trust me.  We like us some bacon cheeseburger in theory.  We aren’t all granola eating virtuous.  However, I read a couple of books a number of years ago that made me decide that for the health of my family and for the health of our environment, eating a primarily vegetarian diet would
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