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It’s Gross Humor. . .At My Own Expense. . .With Bonus Drunk Pics!

Ok.  So what follows is a little gross and veers a little into TMI territory. . .consider yourselves warned. . . Last Wednesday and Thursday nights we stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Maryland.  It’s a really nice waterfront resort (We know it’s a resort because they charge resort fees – whatever the eff they are for?) and they
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Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned. . .Again

Or at least it looks bad. . .really bad. . . Husband is out-of-town for work. And because I’m the proud, well-documented lazy-ass mother of a 15 month-old, I decided I should invite my Mother to visit for a few days. Sunday evening after a wild day of birding (3 rarities – 1 of which was mega), while my Husband
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You Know What I Just Can’t Finish?

A fucking thing!!!! There must be 24 projects/to-do’s half started, half assed, waiting. . .waiting. . .waiting.  I have never been more distracted or more interrupted in all my life.  Sure, the kid is contributing to this chaos but I also have myself to blame. If I could only figure out how to sew, paint, or write while standing, bouncing
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