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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: FAST Beans, Cabbage, & Apple Skillet

You know I’m all about fast dinners around here.  With the daylight lasting longer, we like to get outdoors as a family in the evenings and the faster I can get dinner on the table, the better.  Last week I concocted this little gem of seemingly odd ingredients but it got HUGE thumbs up from the Husband.  The kid was
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Fast Shrimp Scampi-ish Dinner

So the dog’s been sick.  I don’t know.  He probably ate something ridiculously wretched at the Park. . .or in our house.  Anyway, he’s not deathly ill.  Just ill enough to leave glorious messes in the house at night while we sleep. . .And his flatulence is toxic.  I’m certain.  If it continues, I’m forcing the Husband to bring home
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Reluctant Mother’s Culinary Give-A-Damn Has Apparently Left The Building

I don’t mind cooking but I’ve never LOVED it.  Over the years, I’ve become an acceptable cook.  However, if I’m rushed or busy, cooking is one thing that I’m willing to rapidly drop way down on my priority list. What parent isn’t hurried and busy? Couple this normally occurring chaos with an interesting fall bird migration heating up in our
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