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Lame-Ass Sticker Chart: Don’t Knock It, ‘Til You Try It

So I don’t want to terrify any of you “newish” parents but THREE IS THE WORST! WORST. At least until 13-ish. Anyway, Mac, I’m happy to report, seems to be developmentally on track:  meaning he’s continually whining, crying, resisting, bargaining, and generally attempting to get his world to work FOR HIM everyone else be damned. And it’s lead to some
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I’m Not Raisin’ No Damned Play Doh Eating, Disrespectin’ Jerk

Except, it seems I am. I am having a difficult time controlling Mac. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of it as control, exactly?   Call it what you will, I fear he’s becoming a disrespectful little punk. It’s a phase right?  He’ll grow out of it? Except what if he doesn’t? I can’t chance it. We NEED an effective behavior
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Purposeful Parenting?

I know this will come as a surprise for those of you who think I spend nearly every waking minute swilling booze and spewing snark but I am serious about my parenting. Frequently clueless. . .but caring.   I think about it a lot. I think about my actions.  My words. I want to provide my kid with the best
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