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Toilet Training: Oh GAWD Just Put the Piss Where It Belongs! Before Someone DIES ALREADY!!

Every. Day. For WEEKS. I now completely relate to criminals.  The potty seat I carry EVERYWHERE is like my own damned house-arrest ankle-monitoring device. The rest of the time?  We’re actually under house arrest: “We can’t go until you tinkle.  Let’s try to make tinkles.  Show me what you’ve got, go!  hurry!  So we can do more fun stuff!” And,
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Animal Crackers Reluctant Mother Style

You remember about the time Mac turned one, we noticed he seemed to have some interest in the potty? So we purchased him a potty seat. We used it sporadically with some success. But a few months later, he seemed to lose interest entirely. I figured since he was so young, I wouldn’t force the issue.  But I did remind
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