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Didya Miss Me? Let’s Commence With Our Usual JUDGEY Bitching, Shall We?

After a week of gearing up and getting out, we made it back from the beach and the Eastern Shore in one piece.  Lots of fun.  Mac was an excellent traveler and even did pretty well sleeping in an unfamiliar environment.  The weather was nice.  It’s rather disappointing that I did all that work and we spent all that money
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Animal Crackers Reluctant Mother Style

You remember about the time Mac turned one, we noticed he seemed to have some interest in the potty? So we purchased him a potty seat. We used it sporadically with some success. But a few months later, he seemed to lose interest entirely. I figured since he was so young, I wouldn’t force the issue.  But I did remind
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My Secret Parenting Shame

Every woman who has EVER had the pleasure of the plague that is pregnancy has propped herself uncomfortably in her 25-pillow nest on the bed and dreamt of the control she will regain when that little bundle of joy is finally evicted. I won’t let my child eat things off the floor. I won’t let my child sit in a
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