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ANOTHER Dirty Parenting Secret: The Partially Supervised (Ahem) Car) Nap

Parents, grandparents, nannys, caregivers – Multiple Choice: If a kid falls asleep in the car (or stroller, or swing, or. . .) If your kid falls asleep ANY. DAMNED. WHERE. FOR. A. NAP: A.)  You are elated. B.)  You will sleep too. C.)  You will do ANY FUCKING THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY MANAGE to make this nap happen. EVEN THOUGH
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Screaming Child Results in Traffic Citation

I’m not all anti-establishment nor am I overly worried about the government wrongfully encroaching on my civil liberties. My day consists of cleaning up bodily fluids and screaming “Nandeeeeeeeeee Bear loves Babeeeeeeee Mac.”  Obviously, I’m way too busy to concern myself with matters as trivial as my constitutional rights or what those dip-shits in Congress are up to now. You
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