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Didya Miss Me? Let’s Commence With Our Usual JUDGEY Bitching, Shall We?

After a week of gearing up and getting out, we made it back from the beach and the Eastern Shore in one piece.  Lots of fun.  Mac was an excellent traveler and even did pretty well sleeping in an unfamiliar environment.  The weather was nice.  It’s rather disappointing that I did all that work and we spent all that money
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Yesterday, we did what we always do:  Took a long walk in the park and went to the playground. Before I get to the point of this story I just want to mention I was THRILLED to see that the Spot-A-Pots are back in the Park.  A sign of spring as sure as the Eastern Phoebes, Golden Crowned Kinglets, and
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Mac Met His First Psychopath!

Last week, we made a few trips to the playground.  Of course, my favorite time to visit the playground is when it’s only being used by a few children – easier to keep an eye on everything that way. . .stroller, kid, etc. So when the wind was whipping viciously but the sun felt warm-ish last Thursday morning, I had
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