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The Intervention: Fucking Play Doh

So I’ve been really bad with my posting and I have like 25 drafts pending and I want to finish writing something. ANYTHING. BUT these little parasites I gave life to won’t afford me even a split second to finish a sentence. So the Cliff’s notes version of what’s up in this joint is that I enrolled Mac in a
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I’m Not Raisin’ No Damned Play Doh Eating, Disrespectin’ Jerk

Except, it seems I am. I am having a difficult time controlling Mac. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of it as control, exactly?   Call it what you will, I fear he’s becoming a disrespectful little punk. It’s a phase right?  He’ll grow out of it? Except what if he doesn’t? I can’t chance it. We NEED an effective behavior
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The “Art” of Toddler Gift Giving. . .You CANNOT Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes

My Mother-In-Law celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. When Mac was born and I decided in true control freak fashion that I was going to take primary responsibility for psychologically damaging him and ruining his childhood, we knew we needed to reevaluate our budget. And along with that came a big shift in my own thinking about how we
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