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The Brain Trust (Plus A Pizza, A Peep, And Our Pets)

So at this point, thanks to my horrific posting regularity, I likely have about three readers left. . .and that’s only if I text the link to my own Mother.  Otherwise, she won’t read either.  . .Sigh.  I’m committing to getting back on track.  I AM.  Big thanks for hanging in there with me! In the meantime, let’s talk about
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Menus for a Week -Dinner 2

So today was a little hectic.  We went to Philadelphia to visit my college roommate and his family. . .Including their month old son.  So stinking cute!  Then we raced home to get to church on time.   We can never seem to make to church on time. . .Another week where I couldn’t understand a blessed word of the
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Hostage Situation

Psst. . .Over here. . . I’m that fat blob cowering in the corner covered in blocks, banana, and bored err board books. . . I might need a sniper armed with bubbles and possibly a cookie to get me out of this fucking corner of the kitchen! Seems Huggy Bear has overnight mastered false imprisonment. If you can get
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