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Stuff We Love: Cafeteria Trays

You know what I like?  Ok, you read this blog primarily to hear me rant about stuff I don’t like.  I get it.  Disenchantment and sarcasm follows, I swear. I like when my food looks nearly as great as it tastes.  I’m no culinary pro.  I am certainly not a self-proclaimed foodie.  However, I think we can all agree a
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Friday Funny: In Which Hot Pockets Apparently Get Even Suckier

Before becoming a stay at home Mom, I had a pretty grown up job.  Yeah.  It was stressful and sometimes confrontational and certainly didn’t provide many opportunities for creativity.  I’m very thankful I can now stay at home and clean up crap and vomit all day. Of course it wasn’t all bad.  I had to review the email daily.  Yes.
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