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Shut Up Already! Sunday: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Mac just recently learned how to pronounce “heart” and identify heart shapes.   And he’s always asking me to draw him hearts whenever we get out his crayons.  So I wanted to make sure our Valentine’s Day this year included LOTS of hearts. After he went to bed, I cut a bunch of hearts out of patterned paper and hung
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Shut Up Already! Sunday

Rocky start. . .Mac’s teeth must be bothering him some more and he was awake from about 2 to 5AM this morning. . .but with the beautiful weather and a Raven’s win, things got much better.

Shut Up Already! Sunday: Glad Tidings. . .

A few snapshots of what was going on at our place on a cold, gray, windy Friday afternoon. . .

Shut Up! Already Sunday: Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles with Aunt Dana. . .who is expecting her first (A BOY!) in a few short months!

Shut Up Already! Sunday

Turns out you don’t have to go too far from home to catch a beautiful sunset. Marshy Point Nature Center, Baltimore, MD. Friday, October 5, 2012

You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: One Day Journal

I have all sorts of crazy stuff only half accomplished up in this joint.  Some of the projects are so daunting (painting all the bookshelves and woodwork in the basement, Mac’s 2011 book, my closet), I can’t even begin to contemplate doing them right now. . It was raining here today and I knew I couldn’t get Mac out for
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