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The BREAST err BEST Father’s Day EV-AH!

So Saturday, we decided we’d take the boys to North Point State Park for one of our most favorite hikes. There are snakes. . . But the trail is worth it. In a short, easy walk on the Black Marsh Trail, you can experience shaded woods, a large marsh environment, an abandoned building, AND a beach.  And if you’re standing
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Thanks For The Memories!

For anyone that checks out this little slice of Internet Heaven on a routine basis, you are well aware I am a repeat offender, perpetually at the top of everyone’s naughty list. Fortunately for me, “naughty” is a relative term and my Husband clearly has a high tolerance for insanity, bullshit, irresponsibility, and sloth. . .which means the poor guy
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Shut Up Already! Sunday: Fort Smallwood Park

My hope for him is that he loves water as much as I love water. My prayer for him is that no matter what he decides to love, it brings him much joy and peace. Fort Smallwood Park, Pasadena, Maryland.  12 Nov 12. Mac got his first look at a juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker on this visit. . .

Shut Up Already! Sunday

Turns out you don’t have to go too far from home to catch a beautiful sunset. Marshy Point Nature Center, Baltimore, MD. Friday, October 5, 2012

Shut Up Already! Sunday: Two Little Monkeys. . .and a Tree. . .Equals Eating Dirt and a Tantrum

Sigh.  It was adorable while it lasted. . . .

Friday Funny: There’s A What In Your Where?

The Scene:  Me, Chris, Mac birding Patterson Park (again) on a lovely Thursday evening.  The park is crawling with people.  Tons of Baltimore Sports and Social Club folks playing Bocce ball, kick ball, soft ball.  Some pick up soccer games.  All those ridiculous heathens kidnapping turtles and frogs out of the boat lake. Surprise!  The birding sucks. We approach the
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Shut Up Already! Sunday: Snowy Egret

Mac got his first Snowy Egret for his life list on his first birthday! Was certainly not expecting it at the Patterson Park Boat Lake but it was a great gift for both of us!

Shut Up Already! Sunday: Black Crowned Night Heron

This fellow had been giving me the slip for weeks at the Patterson Park Boat Lake.  Imagine my surprise when I peered over the small stone wall one morning and found him just a couple of feet away.  Now if only I can find that Least Bittern that’s been rumored to be lurking around. . .

You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: One Day Journal

I have all sorts of crazy stuff only half accomplished up in this joint.  Some of the projects are so daunting (painting all the bookshelves and woodwork in the basement, Mac’s 2011 book, my closet), I can’t even begin to contemplate doing them right now. . It was raining here today and I knew I couldn’t get Mac out for
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Shut Up Already! Sunday – Water Like Glass in Canton