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Parenting Fail? Teeing Up A Shitty September. . .And October. . .And FOREVER!?

BLERGH!! My head is spinning. . .and it’s not lack of sleep and copious booze (this time). Positively spinning. . . I feel like I just got a gigantic bucket of obligatory preschool activity shit dumped on me. And what have I done? sign up.  STROKE CHECK.  sign up.  STROKE CHECK.  sign up.  STROKE CHECK. erhmahgawd we’ll be broke in
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Kale & Lentil Soup

So this one didn’t turn out as planned. I start making dinner at 7 AM or even the night before most days because eating healthfully takes a LOT of damned effort compared to the alternative of phoning in a pizza or opening a bag of chips. . . Anyway, the other morning, I was cooking some organic chicken sausage and
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