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Reluctant Mother Visits the Dog House (Again)

You know, it seems there is seldom a waking minute when I’m not “in trouble” with someone. It’s either the kid, or a cat, or the husband, or a neighbor.  I sincerely apologize to crazy neighbor guy that our geriatric dog crapped inches away from your turf the other day while I was walking her.  It wasn’t my intent for
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If You Suspect I’m too Hard On My Husband, You’re Probably Correct. That Still Won’t Stop This Rant

My Husband is genuinely a great guy and he’s really helpful too. Most of the time. And the few times when I find him less than helpful?  I feel compelled to be a bitch about it. I am aware our marriage and parenting is a partnership and there will seldom be a time when the division of our labor is
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