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Encouraging Early Learning: The Power of Poop

Children are exhausting.  Teddy won’t sleep anywhere but the pack and play in the basement bedroom.  Mac won’t use a writing implement.  There’s.  So.  Much.  Poop.  And laundry.   I haven’t slept in the same bed as my Husband in at least a month. Of course, this is probably a plus, since it makes for very effective birth control and
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Hey Everybody, Mac Learned a New Trick!

This kid of mine. . .I’ll tell you what, there’s no limit to the places he’ll go in this world! He clearly has the perseverance and stamina to pursue even the most difficult of challenges. He’s unstoppable! And that is exactly why he has me positively insane. Thanks to his ingenuity and relentless pursuit of things he shouldn’t be touching,
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