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Parenting Fail? Self Incrimination Through Education

Sorry about the absence.  Things are going here about exactly as you would expect.  There’s a lot of poop.  Some spit up.  And no one seems to have an uninterrupted moment of sleep or silence. BUT we’re all healthy and pretty happy so I’m feeling very fortunate. Meanwhile, Mac has been left to his own devices perhaps a bit too
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Our Biggest Parenting Fail Yet

We’re getting out-of-town for a few days and returning to nearly a week’s worth of fun stuff for Mac’s birthday.  So I’m in laundry, cleaning, list-making hell. But last early last evening, I felt like I had things kinda’ sorta’ under control.  And I didn’t feel exhausted or miserably uncomfortable.  So instead of suggesting Chris take Mac to the playground
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They’re Definitely Foreigners

One evening earlier this week, Chris took Mac to the little playground at the school across the street while I rested. We like this little playground since it’s so close to the house, has smaller scale equipment that Mac can maneuver mostly independently, and isn’t as crowded as the huge playgrounds in the park.  Adjacent to the playground is a
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