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Friday Funny: I’ve Got Nothin’ Random Edition

Usually I have a few ideas in case I have time to post something on Friday. . .I have no idea where all those ideas are at the moment.  I’m feeling all I-NEED-TO-GET-SOMETHING-DONE-BEFORE-THIS-NEXT-KID-COMES-CRASHING-INTO-THIS-HOUSE!!! Some people call it nesting. I’d say in my case, it’s more a situation of I’m a horrible lazy procrastinator. Regardless, I’m off to tackle a few
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I’m A Worn Out Husk of a Reluctant Mother

I logged another night on Mac’s bedroom floor.  And while, it’s not exactly uncomfortable to  sit at the computer while I’m hunched over like Quasimodo, mentally, I’m just not functioning at even half capacity right now. . .I’ve tried three different drafts this morning – funny ideas – but I just can’t get it OUT right now.  So I’ll be
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