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Friday Funny: Toddler’s First Insult

If you’re on Twitter, you might have already seem similar content. . . However, the occasion was so important I wanted to make sure I properly recorded it:  MAC DOLED OUT HIS FIRST INSULT!!! The target? Mommy.  Of course. Notice the coat I’m wearing in this photo.  I REALLY like this coat.  It’s super warm, it fits well, it’s not
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Parenting Fail? Teeing Up A Shitty September. . .And October. . .And FOREVER!?

BLERGH!! My head is spinning. . .and it’s not lack of sleep and copious booze (this time). Positively spinning. . . I feel like I just got a gigantic bucket of obligatory preschool activity shit dumped on me. And what have I done? sign up.  STROKE CHECK.  sign up.  STROKE CHECK.  sign up.  STROKE CHECK. erhmahgawd we’ll be broke in
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The BREAST err BEST Father’s Day EV-AH!

So Saturday, we decided we’d take the boys to North Point State Park for one of our most favorite hikes. There are snakes. . . But the trail is worth it. In a short, easy walk on the Black Marsh Trail, you can experience shaded woods, a large marsh environment, an abandoned building, AND a beach.  And if you’re standing
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Because I Need To Get Something, ANYTHING Finished

Oh mah word!  This place.  Our house is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders.  And it’s not because we have a ton of stuff.  It’s because I can’t seem to find the time to get said stuff organized and put in its designated places. Of course, I thought I had all this time to get my act together
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Shut Up Already! Sunday

Rocky start. . .Mac’s teeth must be bothering him some more and he was awake from about 2 to 5AM this morning. . .but with the beautiful weather and a Raven’s win, things got much better.

SHUT UP ALREADY! Sunday: North Point State Park

I’m Clearly Not Qualified To Toilet Train Our Son. . .The Deluxe Edition

Sunday we did a lot of birding.  In some really nasty hot humid weather.  And it involved hills.  2.8 miles of gawdforsaken wooded, root and rock plagued hills. . .but I’m not going to complain because I’m still lying to myself and think that with enough of these near-death marches, pushing a stroller, I’ll be able to bounce quarters off
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