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Public Enemy No. 1

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TODDLER?! He’s about three feet tall, weighs about 30 lbs.  Has unruly dark blonde hair, blue-green eyes.  Chubby, fast  hands.  Ankle sock suntan lines and likely has one hand wedged down the back of his shorts. He’s wanted for the reckless taunting and torture of household pets.   If you see the suspect, please do not
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You Know What I Just Can’t Finish?

A fucking thing!!!! There must be 24 projects/to-do’s half started, half assed, waiting. . .waiting. . .waiting.  I have never been more distracted or more interrupted in all my life.  Sure, the kid is contributing to this chaos but I also have myself to blame. If I could only figure out how to sew, paint, or write while standing, bouncing
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