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It’s the First Day of Classes!

You found me! I’m so glad you found me!! We all know I require a lot of supervision.   It was a big decision, but I decided to start a new blog. Yes. This is the new blog. WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!!!!! What the hell are you doing Deni?   Here are my top ten reasons. . . Just
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Kid’s Are Tough on Things is Apparently an Understatement

So today we were in the car and Mac was in the backseat doing what he does best when he’s not sleeping back there:  He was kicking the daylights out of the sunshield canopy of his car seat.   Squealing in delight. I’ve never quite seen anything like this.  He pulls the thing the whole way towards his feet and
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The Pediatrician

I really do like our Pediatrician.  She’s clearly on top of her medical training.  She has a booming practice and still manages to stay timely with her appointments.  Her staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  And perhaps most importantly she takes time at every one of our wellness appointments to talk with us. This leaves me feeling semi-clueless and perhaps just
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