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The Craft Fair From Hell

The other day, as I watched Mac once again climb onto his little table and go wacky berserk on the dimmer light switches for the entire main floor of the house, I began to wistfully reminiscence about this time last year:  His first Christmas. He was about 7 months old. . .and barely mobile. . .and pretty docile.  It was
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Head Effing Explodes – Trick or Treat Bag

This is Mac’s first Halloween.  He has a costume but not a bag or bucket to stash his little trick or treat treasures in. . . Until now. I swear I’ve been meaning to give this little project some attention before now, I’m not a completely wretched Mother.  It just didn’t happen.  Trust me, I am likely that wretched. Mac
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Never have a Threesome with a Clown Contractor

UPDATE!!!!  On the morning of 10/30, the repair men were scheduled to arrive between 7 and 9AM.  At 9:30, the called to let us know they were running late.  Ya think?  At which point, Chris told them not to bother showing up at all.  I’m kinda’ happy he fired them.  But I’m also rather irked my basement is still a
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