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Who The EFF is Riley?! Damn, Who The Hell Am I?

Ok. You know me, you know this much:  I am a Mom and I take that seriously – more seriously than I’ve ever pursued anything else in my life. I want to soak up every moment I have with my children before they decide they hate me err become independent. . .So, I. AM. ALWAYS. LURKING. We don’t have babysitters.
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Kid Awakes Early and Makes Reluctant Mother Realize She’s a Selfish Bitch

Heretofore, a “good” day started with me being awake long before Huggy Bear.  It’s a real bitch to wrestle with two Labrador Retrievers who desperately need to relieve themselves AND a wailing baby before coffee. By the way, when I adamantly proclaimed “There is no amount of sacrifice I’m not willing to make if I can stay home with the
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