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Friday Funny: It’s Sorta Like a Thong. . .For Your Tits?

I know I’ve been slacking on you guys this week.  I’m STILL painting and cleaning and getting stuff organized so that hopefully everything will be ready for the new kid SOON and I can avoid doing all this when I’m as big as, but way less graceful than a manatee. Anyway, here are a few things to hopefully get your
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What To Do When It Literally Comes Crashing Down

Last Thursday, I was awake early, itching to get rid of another 50 percent of something in this house.  What exactly I wasn’t sure, but with big plans the following few weekends, I have to get stuff done. . .as fast as I can. I futzed around in the basement moving some junk into a pile for donation.  I did
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The Pregnant and Delusional Reluctant Mother: 20-Year War v Chaos

Nope.  Not pregnant. . .Just the title of certain posts I do when I look back on all the crap I was delusional about when I was pregnant. I’m feeling a little bleh today.  I probably just haven’t swilled enough coffee or something.  I feel like I could happily sped a large chunk of the morning in bed. Of course,
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