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Yesterday It Was The Yogurt

My Husband and I just spent five whole days together. While I love my Husband dearly and he’s typically a big help with Mac and our household chores, five days is a LOT. I’m pleased to say we made it through some hectic days without major marital discord, but like any marriage, we have a few minor recurring issues. As
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Reluctant Mother Visits the Dog House (Again)

You know, it seems there is seldom a waking minute when I’m not “in trouble” with someone. It’s either the kid, or a cat, or the husband, or a neighbor.  I sincerely apologize to crazy neighbor guy that our geriatric dog crapped inches away from your turf the other day while I was walking her.  It wasn’t my intent for
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What An Asshole: The Sequel

Last evening, I drafted a post admitting how guilty I felt that Chris is stuck shouldering all the financial burdens for our family and working outside the home, especially because I am enjoying my son soooooooo much. . .well for now at least. And you know what?  I had no sooner hit the publish button until my poor beleaguered husband
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