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This Play Group Is On. . .Like Green On a Lime Jello Dino

So recall about a month ago we received an invite to a playgroup from one of our fabulous neighbors? I was out of sorts about it.  Because well, we’re US.  And our neighbor is stunning and seemingly unflappable and well, just seems so much more with it than I am. Of course, practically everyone is more with it than I
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Psst. . .Can You Hear That?!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the scant amount of dignity I have left. It’s crying out for HELP! It’s making a sound like un-manicured nails being drug down a chalkboard, screeching, hanging on. . .valiantly fighting for life. . .trying not to slip away. . .as my husband and child try to completely snuff it out. Saturday,
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