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I Seemed to Have Misplaced My “Give A Damn”

So the kid stuck it to me good yesterday. He was up early in the morning.  We hit the Park and we walked a lot.  So by the time we got home, he was pretty tired and testy.  While I was getting him some lunch, he asked for “cray” and “pay-per.” I am always happy to oblige when he asks
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The Stay At Home Mom’s Version of Rush Hour Hell

It is true that a stay at home mom has a certain amount of discretionary time in her day. She does.  And it’s wonderful. . . But it sure as shit doesn’t happen around here between the hours of 4 and 6 PM. Let me give you a glimpse of what causes me to feel a knot in my stomach
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Friday Funny: Who Claims Responsibility For This Kid?

So I’m hoping this Kid just really loves whipped cream. . . Crazy kid.

Kid’s Acrobatics Strikes Terror In The Heart of Reluctant Mother – The Oh SH#$%%^$! Edition

My stomach is in an effing knot as I type this. I need to get EZ Storage on the horn ASAP. Mac learned a new trick this morning. . . He managed to pull this maneuver while I turned my back on him to brew a cup of coffee – a damned Keurig cup of coffee!! Yeah.  That fast. Where did
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