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Pregnant & Delusional Mother: Birth – The True Final Frontier – Part II

If you recall from last week’s post about Mac’s Magical arrival, I was tired, hungry, and surly.  I had just sent Chris home to get me a sandwich (against my Physician’s “rules”), and Dr. Word Vomit wanted to break my water. . . What was my Husband doing at home while I was making my decision?  Well, unbeknownst to him, most
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The Pregnant & Delusional Reluctant Mother: Birth. . .The True Final Frontier – Part I

Mac turns one in a week. . .And just for your supreme amusement, I thought I’d do a two-part recounting of his arrival. . .Here’s part one. . .Be sure to visit next Thursday, 5/24 for the epic conclusion. Let’s get a little background out of the way.  I’m scared to death of doctors.  Seriously, every time I think about
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The Pregnant & Delusional Reluctant Mother: Breast “Feeding”

Ok. . .I’m just going to blurt it out and so you can start judging immediately should you feel compelled:  I never, never, never. . .not even when I saw my son for the first time and my heart swelled with joy and love. . .wanted to breast feed him. I KNOW.  I know they say it’s absolutely best for
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