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In Which A Hypocritical Bitch Buys A New Stroller

Remember that post I wrote recently about our mattress purchase?  Remember how I mocked my Husband for all the “research” he wanted to do prior to purchasing said mattress? So, turns out a mattress wasn’t the only “major” purchase we needed to make recently. . .We also needed a TANDEM STROLLER. Ok. . .Maybe not “we” needed but “I” needed.
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Technically, It Was Abandoned Property. The Police Said So.

Wednesday after my highly unproductive prenatal appointment, Mac and I hit the Park for our evening walk a little earlier than usual.  Chris went running and met us at the far side of the Park for the walk home. On our way into the Park, Mac and I passed a tricycle.  A small, OLD, purple tricycle.  It was sitting unattended
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