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Reluctant Mother and the Case of the Dangling Placenta

I hate that word.  Placenta.  I find it gross for some reason.  I’ll bet it looks vile in person  too.  G R O S S. Lucky me, this pregnancy has been nothing but PLACENTA.  Placenta.  Placenta. Months ago, one of the capable if not completely over-eager ultrasound technicians thought part of this disgusting organ might be hanging around in a
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Reluctant Mother v Ultrasound Technician

So because I’m apparently suffering from not only an autoimmune disease but also a geriatric pregnancy, I get lots of ultrasounds.  At least one a week. In some regards, I realize this is kinda’ cool.  I get to spy on the kid on a routine basis.  And with all these ultrasounds should come the reassurance that everything is fine and
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