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Muthaeffing Fingerprint: A Story About A Not So Brilliant Finish

Every time I turn around, I find cruddy little fingerprints and smudges on every surface.  EVERY SURFACE!!!!! At first they were so teensy and cute, I’d sigh wistfully at the nearly perfect little specimens on the front of the dishwasher and think, “Self, it’s nearly a shame to wipe these away, someday you’ll barely remember how darling Mac’s little hands
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The Stay At Home Mom’s Version of Rush Hour Hell

It is true that a stay at home mom has a certain amount of discretionary time in her day. She does.  And it’s wonderful. . . But it sure as shit doesn’t happen around here between the hours of 4 and 6 PM. Let me give you a glimpse of what causes me to feel a knot in my stomach
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Magical Thinking

When people learn I resigned from my job of 11+ years after having our son, they frequently ask me what I do all day.  And I can’t explain it. When I try, the explanation sounds embarrassingly elementary to me too. True, it’s a little deflating to think that someone who once worked full-time and went to law school “for fun”
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