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Can You Just Leave My Placenta Alone ALREADY?!

Shee-us . . . I’m so sick of this pregnancy. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I haven’t had booze in at least 27 weeks. It’s not the poor sleep or the fact that I’m certain this kid somehow manages to stick his arm OUT of my uterus into the birth canal at least 16 times
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In Which Reluctant Mother Writes a Scathing Post Regarding Her Pre-PreNatal Care

Full disclosure:  If I ever wore a shirt with a collar anymore, I’d be hot under there. . . But more than angry, I’m supremely disappointed. . .So I’m going to be mature and NAME NAMES and everything! Ready? Let’s get a little background out-of-the-way:  I’m about six weeks pregnant.  I’ll be 37 years old in about two months.  Because
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