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“I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” The Reluctant Mother Edition

All of you regular readers are well aware I’ve been complaining (probably ad nauseam) about my second pregnancy.  It’s been much more difficult physically than the first.  In fact, to be perfectly candid, there have been multiple occasions when I deeply regretted our decision to get pregnant again. And all along, I’ve had the nagging feeling something was wrong. .
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We Finally Pulled One Over on the Pediatrician!

Friday afternoon we had Mac’s 15 month well-baby check up. Now if you recall, I adore our physician but she also fills me with well. . .terror. You can read about a few of our previous visits, here and here. Long story short, the Doc had been in a snit the past few visits because Mac wasn’t gaining any weight.  I vehemently
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