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In Which Sour Cream Nearly Causes The Kid To Have A Nervous Breakdown

Do you think toddlers know when they are acting like a jerk? I mean when I was a kid, I recall being able to recognize that I was behaving like an asshole. . .not that it stopped me. . .sometime around the age of four.  Yet I’m not sure what the state of my self-awareness was prior to that. I’m
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My Secret Parenting Shame

Every woman who has EVER had the pleasure of the plague that is pregnancy has propped herself uncomfortably in her 25-pillow nest on the bed and dreamt of the control she will regain when that little bundle of joy is finally evicted. I won’t let my child eat things off the floor. I won’t let my child sit in a
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We Finally Pulled One Over on the Pediatrician!

Friday afternoon we had Mac’s 15 month well-baby check up. Now if you recall, I adore our physician but she also fills me with well. . .terror. You can read about a few of our previous visits, here and here. Long story short, the Doc had been in a snit the past few visits because Mac wasn’t gaining any weight.  I vehemently
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Friday Funny: Really? You Don’t Want More Pasta?

So if you recall, I was contemplating the use of baby sign language to help me figure out what Mac might be needing. I’ve been lazy and never even checked a book out of the library yet. But children are an adaptable bunch and Mac’s finding a way to get his needs met: