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DO NOT PANIC!!! It’s Just Another Explosion of Parental STUPIDITY

Oh, if only I had a nickel for every time I told myself not to panic!   My inept parenting skills get me into plenty of dire situations but this time could be the worst yet:  I COMBINED MY INEPT PARENTING SKILLS WITH A REASONABLE SUGGESTION FROM MY HUSBAND! NEVER, never try this. . .it’s like fire and gasoline. .
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Daddy Saves The Day!

I’m usually a pretty cool customer. . .Or at least I have convinced myself I am.  I try not to let  the kid rattle me. But I’m not perfect. . . And once in a while I get a little flummoxed.  It typically happens when I’m near exhaustion. Like Sunday evening. We spent a great deal of the day hiking
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It’s Happening!! I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Happening!!

No. . .not as it relates to my rotting eggs. . .Well, at least not yet. . .Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments by the way. . .You guys are very sweet!   Now that I’ve gotten you all cranked up about possible baby news, let me assure you I still find what I’m about to tell
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