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Ahhhh-n-d You’ll Go Down In PISS-TOR-REEEE!!!!

Listen, I get I’m posting some meh content here laterly.  I’m hanging on barely in real life.  But I’ll get my act together very soon and swear I’ll be banging out posts so long you won’t read them.  SWEAR. Meanwhile? Cute kid-story FLUFF. So, before Mac turned into Typhoid Mary and we had to quarantine him, we were working on
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Friday Funny: Small Blessings – Toddler’s Limited Verbal Skills

I was running around like a ding-dong trying to get the basement cleaned, a sewing project started, dinner prepped, and a shower all during the course of Mac’s nap. In my frenzy, I managed to squirt soap all over myself and the utility sink and the floor. All that self-imposed stifling of my notorious potty mouth for the kid’s sake,
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