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What To Do When It Literally Comes Crashing Down

Last Thursday, I was awake early, itching to get rid of another 50 percent of something in this house.  What exactly I wasn’t sure, but with big plans the following few weekends, I have to get stuff done. . .as fast as I can. I futzed around in the basement moving some junk into a pile for donation.  I did
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: Are You Ready?! Make a Kit, Make a Plan

In my pre-kid years, I was a little ummmmmm uptight about things.  Ok.  You got me, I am still a little uptight about certain things.  Either fortunately or unfortunately, I have less time to obsess these days.  Suffice to say, the cleaning and home maintenance schedule spreadsheet was misplaced months ago, and this place has been effectively demonstrating the third
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