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Father’s Day Weekend: Make Some Sweet-Assed Man-Candy

In an amazing feat of proactiveness, likely to never be repeated, I managed to get Chris a little gift IN ADVANCE of Father’s Day. Contrary to what you might routinely read on this blog, he really does deserve it.  We LOVE HIM!!! But after I procured the gift, I stumbled upon a recipe in the June 2013 Better Homes &
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You Can Accomplish This Before Your Effing Head Explodes: “Postcard” Wall Art

As you are aware, I’m engaging in some serious front-line trench warfare with our house. It’s not the house’s fault.  A series of events including an unwanted guest (basement mold) a few years ago, and the addition of one toddler plus another on the way has made our previous living arrangements less than ideal these days. So. . .improving we
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