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FINALLY! The Pool!!

Ok.  I’m hesitant I’ll jinx it but today has been just fabulous so far. . . I’m screwed aren’t I?   Nope.  Doesn’t matter if I delete it, the thought is already out there in the Internet ether. . . Too Late. I was up at 5AM.  And I got right down to business.  Chores, coffee, etc.  Mac was still
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You Can Accomplish This Before You Effing Head Explodes: Menu for a Week

I think I sufficiently bitched about my boredom with our dinners in this post.  Refreshed from that super-fab trip err vacation, and shamed into the hard-core realization that we ate mostly things that weren’t green or all that healthful, I returned home with a renewed interest in keeping our food fresh, interesting, simple, and fast. So I sat down and
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The Highly Unanticipated What’s For Dinner?

At about 2:30 every afternoon, I start thinking about booze. . .Ok. . .for the sake of candor, some days I think about that at 9:30AM. . .But really what I have to start focusing on every day about this time is dinner. When we were without child and with large amounts of disposable income, I’d plan out every meal.
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