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My Baby Bump Was Assaulted By A Drunk!

So remember from yesterday’s uncharacteristically “thoughtful” post, we had dinner with my in-laws last weekend? We went to church Saturday evening.  Church was hotter than hell itself.  I’m certain of it.  I CANNOT believe we picked a church without air conditioning!  I’ll NEVER make that mistake again. It was touch and go, but we all made it out alive.  And
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Save Mamma From The Drama!

Mac’s second birthday is rapidly approaching and with it comes new words, new skills, new teeth. . .New drama. Lots and lots of drama. The kind of drama that is causing Reluctant Mother anxiety attacks (and record expenditures at the liquor store). He can go from giggling cute and cuddly to red-faced thrashing angry in approximately .3 seconds. Compounding the
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