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“Look, Do U Want It To Poop Or Not?”

Long time readers of this blog know I have two sisters and two brothers.  One sister just had her first baby about 5 weeks ago.  The other sister has a son age 12 and a daughter age 6.  They are amazing children.  Still, she has her hands plenty full. Friday night about 11:30, I was in the depths of our
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Reluctant Mother Remains Calm When Vaca Plans Literally Go In Crapper Plus A Bonus Turd In the Punchbowl

So this is the state of affairs around here this afternoon. Except there’s one aspect of this debacle you thankfully can’t experience:  The Stench. See, we are supposed to get out-of-town for a few days to do some birding in the southern part of the state.  (Staying in a hotel. . .with a waterfront balcony and proper room service, thank
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